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KUANTAN SINGINGI it was his name,
located in Riau province,
Regency Kuantan Singingi (Kuansing) is one of regencies in Riau Province, Indonesia. Overseas Kuansing Regency Kuantan is also called, or the seacoast area of the Minangkabau. In daily life, customs and language used by the community Kuansing Minangkabau.

  • Topography

Regency Kuantan Singingi consists of lowlands and highlands approximately 400 m above sea level. Plateau in this area tend to be windy and hilly with a tendency 500-300. Hilly plateau reaches a height of 400-800 m above sea level and is part of the Bukit Barisan range.

  • Demography

In ancient times people do not know Kuansing customs, dress, language, to communicate with them using signs, with the entry into Kuansing Minangkabau society then Kuansing know the language so that people only know the language Kuansing Minangkabau, is evident with the dialect and customs such as the Minangkabau in the province West Sumatra. The main livelihood of residents in this area most (75%), farming, while others work in the field of services, trade, and civil servants.

  • Transportation

To open the isolation and develop the southern part of this district, at the beginning of fiscal year 2000, have been made to cross the highway south, while the old road along the 166.5 km fixed. Currently, some districts that exist in this district has been passed by various vehicles. The path traversed is 1998.26 km. Teluk Kuantan as the district capital - passed by the Western Line which connects the Trans-Sumatra, Java with other cities in Sumatra, such as Padang, Bengkulu, Palembang, Lampung, Medan and Banda Aceh. Transport stream using Kuantan River is very helpful for domestic travel, especially to remote villages on the banks of rivers.

With the establishment of Riau Airlines (RAL) as an airline under the auspices of the Government of Riau, soon will open flights to Kuantan Singingi, located in Central Kuantan - in order to open a regional transportation access to this district.

  • Electricity

Existing power plants today are Diesel Power Plant (power plant) with a total capacity of 4.180 MW. In addition, and there are deep Ambacang Hydroelectric Power Plant (HEPP) which is able to meet electricity needs in the district, but until now there has been a new realization of discourse from time immemorial. now people are still enjoying Kuansing ML (lights off) of at least three times a day, approximately 180 minutes. The latter, built power plants using steam power in the region Cerenti (what yes), in 2004.

  • Telecommunication

Pos Service already covers the entire area in Kuantan District Singingi. Residents can also communicate using the telephone, also with the development of cellular technology, now almost all telecommunications service provider can access throughout the area in Kuantan Singingi.

  • Clean Water

PDAM has operated in the Gulf of Kuantan, Lubuk Jambi, Benai, Pangean, Basra and Cerenti. However, most people still use water from wells and Sungai Kuantan for household activities.

  • Other Facilities

At least there are 3 commercial bank serving the business and trade activities in this district, namely: Bank Negara Indonesia, Bank Rakyat Indonesia, and Riau Development Bank. But now have started popping up a lot of branches of Bank of Pekanbaru, such as Bank Mandiri, etc..

To improve the quality of public health, Kuantan District Government Singingi continuously build infrastructure and facilities related to health. We have General Hospital, Community Health Centres (11), and Integrated Service Center (60).

  • Tourism and Cultural Tradition in Kuansing

His Nature Tourism
Trunk Level Seven Waterfall victim in Lubuk Ambacang Kec Hulu Kuantan
"Trunk Level Seven Waterfall victim" Lubuk Ambacang located in District 37 km upstream from the Gulf Kuantan Kuantan. While in the capital of Jambi Lubuk Mudik Kuantan District (22 km from the Gulf of Kuantan) buses will move toward the direction you are whetting Jao and after Lubuk Jambi City to meet with crossing an intersection to the left toward whetting Jao, and there he was lying Falls Thunder. If the intersection after the Lubuk Jambi, our bus will move to the right continue until as far as 11 km will be up to the Capital City District Lubuk Ambacang Hulu Kuantan. With motorized canoe up the (pompong) as far as 4 km you will pass through with comfort river flows are sometimes calm and quiet sometimes noisy with whitewater waves jeramnya equipped with the natural scenery and steep hills with pristine forests lindungnya. On the way we can watch the animals monkeys, various species of birds and other animals seemed to greet the visitors. Finally came to the location of the Waterfall "Trunk Level Seven victim." Seven Levels mean there are seven-story waterfall, finally get to the bottom of the river and continue to flow into the Kuantan River that irrigates large parts of Kuantan Singingi.

Thunder Waterfall Village Gemurai Kasang Mudik Kuantan

Gemurai Thunder Waterfall is located about 25 km from the Gulf of Kuantan. The name Thunder Gemurai taken from the local language, which means thunder rumble (sound waterfall intended), while the water splashes Gemurai is scattered. So waterfalls waterfalls thunder Gemurai means that the sound sparks (drink) rumble. You are in the Capital District Singingi ie Kuantan Teluk Kuantan by bus headed toward whetting Jao W. Sumatra through Lubuk Jambi City, the Capital District Mudik Kuantan, Kuantan District Singingi, but before the 3 km before Lubuk Jambi (19 km) from Teluk Kuantan, you can enjoy the beauty of the Lake "Garden Nopi" second to none in Kuantan Singingi. You are in the Capital District Lubuk Jambi Regency Kuantan Kuantan Mudik still Singingi, 3 km towards whetting Jao West Sumatra, you start climbing the occasional trip through the winding roads with the natural panorama of the famous part of the Bukit Barisan, you came in the midst of ascent the hilly and ravine, there's where waterfalls thunder Gemurai, precisely in the village Kasang.

Level Eight Waterfall (Thunder Valley) in Padang Island
Eight Waterfall level located approximately 5 km dati village desert island causeway leading to a desert island - Indarung base, which will soon be made hikingnya tracks, and the more exotic again 500 meters from the waterfall that we already can feel the cool air that enough to eliminate the fatigue of local tourists from outside the region who travel quite a long time from place of origin.

  • Cultural Tourism

Cultural Tourism is already developed and become a national agenda of tourism are Pacu Line (dikecamatan Middle Kuantan). Cultural Tourism which is developed among sedah Boat Baganduang Lubuk Jambi, Jambi Lubuk Manjopuik Limau (Kuantan District Mudik).

  • Tour History

Tourism Potential of History at the Regency Kuantan Singingi quite a lot but no one has developed. Reasonable potential to be developed among Japanese Coal Mining Heritage (Sub Singingi Downstream), Koto Benai Traditional House (District Benai), Rajo City Traditional House (District Pangean) etc..

  • Other

Tourism potential of other concerned to be developed is the Regional Traditional Arts such as Dance, Randai, Rarak Godang and nandong.

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